86 Avenida Priego 14817 Priego de Córdoba Spain

37° 21.317 N -4° 15.128 W
37.355280, -4.252130
It is a flat area next to the road where you can park. From this point the route begins towards La Tiñosa, the highest peak in the province of Córdoba. It is located in the village of Las Lagunillas and there is a bar, bakery, supermarket, tobacconist, etc. nearby. Being about 20 meters from the road, vehicles can be heard but there is little traffic, since it is a secondary road that goes from Priego to Rute passing through villages. They fit 3 AC of 7.5m, the maneuver is easy and it is quite flat, in general very quiet. The townspeople / hamlet come by and say hello kindly.

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